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I was skeptical and scared of what I would uncover…

"When I first heard of the Game Plan, I was skeptical... I didn't have any big issue in my life that I wanted to move. But I saw the words "Get Clear. Get Moving. Get Results." and I knew I was interested in that. When I got started, I realized that I wasn't skeptical, just scared of what I would uncover. But as Joshua and I went thru the process, I became curious. Each step allowed me to open up and look at what might be stopping me (and there were several vignettes that kept the time moving). Joshua asked all of the right questions at the right times, challenging me to uncover the game I was really playing and winning... and that game had me holding myself back, unknowingly. I created a new game plan, one that is alive for me every day!”

S. Dines, Engineer

I am a procrastinator…

"I sought help from Joshua to break my pattern of procrastinating in writing my first book.  With the structure of the Game Plan, and Joshua's coaching, I discovered a deeper issue that was the core of my problem.  This magnificent tool, supported by Joshua's subtle way of posing powerful questions, brought out more than I was aware of, and put me on a path to permanent healing.  As an Executive & Business Coach, the Game Plan will be my new tool, and a great way of providing more value for my clients.  Thank you Joshua!"

P. Hicks, Executive & Business Coaching

What would they think about me if they knew…?

"Joshua is a dear friend and a confidant.  As I shared some of my life's challenges, he offered coaching through the use of "The Game Plan."  I was skeptical at first but agreed to give it a try. Our first call was powerful and I quickly became a believer.  Joshua was insightful and focused.  He had me look at the people in my life as more than just family and friends.  I saw that they are people who support me, contribute to me and provide a space for me to be successful.  I had to consider "what do they think about me and if they knew all about me, what would they then think about me?"  I had never thought of people in my life knowing EVERYTHING about me.  What a thought!  I wholeheartedly recommend "The Game Plan" as a tool to get past being stuck anywhere in life.  In addition, I highly recommend Joshua as an empathetic coach and a person who is skilled at getting you in action towards the things you want in life. Much appreciation!"

M. Byrd, Coach

I believe that poverty is a virtue…

"The Game Plan is a powerful tool to uncover what you don't know that you don't know about elements that have been at play in your life. The kinesthetic aspects of the process are especially valuable - using three dimensional objects to represent various aspects of the "game" and having several ways where you get up and move to different parts of the room as part of the "playing field." I chose to work on my capacity to generate income (I work for myself, so am not limited by a fixed salary), and in the process discovered that one of my "opponents" was a belief that poverty is a virtue. One week after participating in The Game Plan, a client deposited $1,000,000 to be invested with my financial firm!"

M. Laurion, Licensed Financial Planner

I felt like I was a failure…

“I felt like I was stuck with just an LMSW because I failed my LCSW-C exam. Failing this exam put me in a mild depression because I felt that my career and all the things I wanted to do came to a screeching halt.

In the midst of doing an exercise I broke down completely and was walked through the whole Game Plan system to help me see that I was in my own way, who was affected by my behavior and who were the support players in the game with me. The props used and mirrors given to reflect my behavior gave me an eye-opening experience that helped me to become unstuck! I felt so free afterwards!!

I am truly grateful for Mr. Lee and this brilliant program!

C. A., Social Worker, PRP Rehabilitation Specialist

I don’t feel like I’m a part of the team…

Thanks to Mr. Lee's The Game Plan process, which included taking the time to create a safe enough space and establish deep connections for all the staff to share openly and honestly.  I now had new information in which to follow up with him and the rest of my leadership team later.  We had the most honest and revealing conversations that has made us a better performing team. 

I now have a more cohesive, trusting and POWERHOUSE leadership team!

C.T., Executive Director, School Partnerships, The Y In Central Maryland