Umoja Health


Design You. 

A Unique Approach to Being Well

UMOJA Integrative Behavioral Health Systems has a unique approach to delivery of mental health and wellness. Using engaging, proprietary tools, UMOJA leverages the classic provider-patient delivery model to fully engage individuals, mental health professionals, teams and entire communities in a new self awareness and experience of personal effectiveness.

There are three key services that UMOJA delivers: The Game Plan©, Shop Talk, and Performance Coaching.

The game plan©

Using the metaphor and language of sports, The Game Plan is an engaging and non-threatening methodology for helping clients identify goals and garner resources to enhance their mental health and quality of life


shop talk

Shop Talk is a community-based project where trained mental health professionals and others who have a heart for the community, go into barbershops to shift the typical conversations—particularly the impact of violence—to ones that heal and transform.

performance coaching

Joshua Lee is a mental health professional, licensed as a clinical social worker in the state of Maryland with more than 18 years of experience providing services to public schools and other community-based organizations in the Baltimore metropolitan area.