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The Game Plan

What is The Game Plan?

Using the metaphor and language of sports, The Game Plan is an engaging and non-threatening methodology for helping clients identify goals and garner resources to enhance their mental health and quality of life.

The Game Plan is:

  • A powerful coaching and counseling model that empowers people to overcome challenges and behaviors that stop them in life.

  • Simple, yet effective, in identifying self-limiting behavior patterns and leveraging one’s strengths and resources to get desired results.

  • A tool that allows people to view their performance as individuals, within families and organizations to determine which actions to take and which actions to not take.

  • A way to help people distinguish “the game” that they are really playing in life. In other words, “the game” is a metaphor for how people live their lives.  More specifically, we define it as a set of beliefs, ideas, expectations, and actions that govern their behavior. For example, men aren’t supposed to cry.

  • Guiding Principle: Everyone has strengths and resources. Everyone can contribute to their own success.

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The Game Plan Offerings:

  1. Workshops for Therapeutic Professionals and Coaches. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to The Game Plan method through presentations, discussions and experiential activities. Attendees use The Game Plan approach to explore some of their own professional and/or personal goals so they come away with first-hand understanding of the process. In addition, applications to different client populations and settings will be discussed. Participants leave with the training and resources needed to integrate The Game Plan in their practice.

  2. Consultations for Groups and Organizations. We help strengthen team work in professional, community, and religious institutions. Using The Game Plan, we facilitate processes that enhance productivity, esprit de corps, and unity around a common set of goals. We offer Custom-made training for organizations. Various components of The Game Plan can be tailored-made to meet the needs and suit the time frame of your organization's work flow.

  3. Performance Coaching One-On-One & Group Coaching Using The Game Plan model. For an even more focused approach, The Game Plan can be designed for delivery as a targeted coaching tool that is readily applicable to individual and group coaching settings.

Contact us directly for pricing and for more information on how we can put The Game Plan to work for you, your colleagues and your entire organization.