Umoja Health

Client Results

Get clear. Get moving. Get results.


  • Improved communications regarding breakdown in trust amongst ministry leaders

  • Elevated performance of members of management team in how they relate to each other and approach their jobs


  • Uncovered a decade-long resentment held by church members that had adversely impacted church membership and involvement
  • Interactively engaged large municipal health department to build trust, rapport and communication across it’s various services staff

  • Truthful and honest conversations finally had amongst embattled non-profit board of directors to get to the source of conflict

  • Improved authentic communication and deepened connections amongst strangers during monthly Game Plan Social Forum sessions


  • Increased capacity of CEO to take swift and decisive actions with compassion resulting in winning of national Corporate Culture award

  • Inspired greater confidence to make life-changing decisions with peace of mind and self-compassion


  • Increased accountability and willingness to be fully responsible as Peer Housing Specialists

  • Effectively trained dozens of mental health providers in the methodology of The Game Plan to be used with their clients