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Joshua S. Lee

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Joshua S. Lee, LCSW-C, MSW is a mental health professional, licensed as a clinical social worker in the state of Maryland with more than 18 years of experience providing services to public schools and other community-based organizations in the Baltimore metropolitan area. This includes working for many years with adults experiencing homelessness and who have co-occurring disorders providing innovative methods to reach them. He is founder and Chief Creation Officer of UMOJA Integrative Behavioral Health Systems.

Leadership Development

Growing leaders--at the level of individual, group and organization--is a passion that has engaged Mr. Lee for many several years. Involved with a global leadership training organization, he has trained professionals in creating teams and developing teamwork in all aspects of their lives. He brings that experience to bear in his work with formerly homeless men in a Baltimore employment academy, infusing leadership principles and tasks into the life skills curriculum he developed. In fact, under his guidance, the clients run the class, instilling a greater sense of awareness, accountability and integrity with themselves and each other, leaving them better prepared for the world of work.

Teamwork & Organizational Development

When professional tenure such as Mr. Lee’s merges with extensive training in leadership, teamwork, and organizational development, and then integrates with abundant experience with underserved constituent groups, great innovation and ideas emerge that forward his profession as a whole. He has created a powerful coaching and counseling model called The Game Plan©. This program guides the “player” through a self-discovery process to uncover the real game they’ve been playing. Additionally, it supports them to push past life’s “opponents,” such as fear and self-doubt, barriers to full employment and poor work climate or culture. Highly engaging and interactive, The Game Plan© is used with individuals, groups and organizations. Workshops and professional development trainings are available.

Community Activism

Recently, Mr. Lee has been a key leader in the Baltimore chapter of Creating a Profound Sense of Community (CAPSOC) developing leaders and empowering communities in the aftermath of the uprisings ignited by the death of Freddie Gray in April 2015. He is expanding his community based initiative, Shop Talk, as a project with CAPSOC. Shop Talk engages patrons of barber shops located in “hot spots” of Baltimore in healing conversations to shift the culture of violence, engage citizens in community affairs, and offer support to those affected by violence at the individual, family, and community levels. Drawing upon the disciplines of sociodrama, psychodrama, and other action-based based methodologies, Mr. Lee is taking service provision out of the office or clinic and into the streets and centers of activity at the grassroots level in communities in need of healing.


Born and raised in West Baltimore, he received his BS from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and an MSW from University of Maryland School of Social Work. Guided by his love of family and  community as well as by his deep commitment to the future of the city he loves, Joshua offers his vast expertise, experience, and his unique brilliance in service of humanity in innovative and creative ways that inspire all who has the pleasure of knowing him.


Bachelor of Science, 1984

Masters of Science, Social Work, 1997


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